Civilian Residences


Anonymous, View of two houses in the Vaartstraat in Leuven, 1917/18 © KIK-IRPA, a008400

Anonymous, View of the entrance hall of the former ‘Hotel de Nockere’ in Ghent, 1917/18 © KIK-IRPA, b021739

Anonymous, View of several houses in the street ‘en Hors-Château’ in Liège, 1917/18 © KIK-IRPA, b018889

Anonymous, View of the interior of a room in the present-day Ansembourg Museum in Liège, 1917/18 © KIK-IRPA, b018928

Anonymous, View of a house in the Sint-Lievenspoortstraat in Ghent, 1917/18 © KIK-IRPA, b017939